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The game of nESt cOLLECTIVe is a strategy based game that i wrote myself.

Story: Your colony of fire ants has recieved via a battered and nearly dead scout news of a new colony, one surpassing your own strength. Ants, being the teritorial type, will no dobut in time find your colony and distroy it. Your colony's only hope is to build up enough of a force to stem the tide of Red Ants. Go, multiply quickly and rid the field of the scourge of the Enemy.


Not really modeled after any current game the controls are somewhat different, (will be reposted on the playing page) and are as follows:

Select antsMouse Click+Drag over ants
De-Select antsClick the Null icon (circle with line thru it in the top right corner of the screen)
Select AntHillClick+Drag on hill (NOTE: you must de-select ants before selecting hill)
Move selected antsRightClick (or you Mac folks Meta+Click) on location
Move screen aroundUse Arrow Keys (very cool)
Set ants to get foodShift+Click on a roach, with selected ants
Attack an enemyCtrl+Click on Red Ant (n.b. If an Enemy strays too close your ants will attack automatically if they are not performing a chore)
Create AntHillYou will be prompted to press 'h' then select location. (Can create a new hill for every 5 ants created)
Create New AntsSelect a hill, Then click little icon that appears